To provide a clean, safe and family-friendly environment for our customers, SPOTFREE CAR WASH maintains a code of conduct that all persons on the premise must abide by if they chose to utilize the facilities.

  • The wash bays are for exclusive use by car wash customers purchasing car wash services and can only be occupied while the timer is active. Please no bucket washing, detailing, toweling or vehicle servicing of any kind. Engine washing, oil removal and any degreasing is not allowed due to environmental concerns.
  • Customers must act in a respectful way towards other individuals using the facilities and our employees. Anyone deemed a threat to others will be removed from the property.
  • Please deposit small amounts of trash only. No household or commercial garbage, yard waste, boxes, animal remains, furniture, lumber, batteries, tires, paint, oil or any hazardous materials may be deposited on the premises. Violators will be charged all applicable cleanup costs and will be banned from the facility.
  • Please no littering. All approved litter must be placed in provided trash receptacles. No litter is allowed on the ground.
  • This is a self-service facility and customers are responsible for cleaning up the bay after use. All debris or mud from the washing of vehicles must stay within the bay and large amounts must be washed to the center drain. The bay needs to be able to be used by the next customer in a safe and clean manner. No nails, screws, broken glass, paint, oil, lumber, etc. may be deposited. Violators will be charged all applicable cleanup costs and will be banned from the facility.
  • No loud or obscene music may be played at a level in which it can be heard outside of the vehicle. It is at the discretion of Spotfree Car Wash as to what is deemed obscene. The sound level must comply with the City of DM Noise Ordinance.
  • No standing, loitering, trespassing, solicitation, panhandling, or can & Bottle removal is allowed. Municipal Ordnance # Sec. 70-37 & State Code # 716.7.
  • All unattended vehicles will be towed and impounded at the expense of the owner by Crow Tow. If a vehicle becomes inoperative, Spotfree management needs to be notified. Management is not responsible for any damage that may occur during removal.
  • All children must be under the direct supervision of an adult. No unattended children are allowed to operate car wash equipment for safety reasons.
  • Proper clothing attire must be worn at all times as deemed acceptable by Spotfree management.

This is a private facility and Spotfree Car Wash management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone based upon violation of the Code of Conduct.

Upon entering and using this facility, you are consenting to audio and visual recording in any area which may be used on social media for identifying the violators.