Spotfree Car Wash accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, as well as debit cards that are associated with Visa or MasterCard. Our equipment does not have PIN pads, so some debit only cards will not be able to be processed. We cannot accept pre-paid gift cards or cards such as CashApp, Chime or payroll cards at our locations typically.

  • When using your credit card in a touch-free bay, you will be charged the exact amount of purchase at the payment kiosk prior to entering the bay. Receipts are available at the kiosk.
  • When using your credit card in a self-service bay, you will have a $4.95 pre-authorization charge at the time you swipe your card to ensure it is a valid card. You will only receive one pre-authorization charge per 24 hours. Our self-service equipment employs a count up system that charges you at the end of the service for the total time used. You will be charged for the actual time used upon pushing the Stop button on the credit card terminal. The $4.95 pre-authorization charge will be released by Spotfree within 24 hours (not including weekends and holidays) and your actual charge debited to your account. Your financial institution may place a hold for two to four days on the $4.95 pre-authorization charge, so please inquire with them if requested refund has not posted. Receipts are not available in the bays, but can be obtained by contacting our office via email. We will need to know which location and the last 4 digits of the credit card, as well as an email address.
  • If you have experienced a problem and desire a refund to your credit card, please contact our office, instead of your financial institution. Failure to contact Spotfree prior to your financial institution, may result in your card being “blacklisted” at our locations. Spotfree Car Wash does not store any credit card information upon your purchase, so if you request a refund, you will need to supply us with your location of purchase, date, time, amount of the charge and the last four digits of the credit card number. Our staff will request this information via text message. Refunds on credit cards need to be requested within 7 days of use.