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Car Wash Attendant

The following tasks need to be accomplished per visit:


1. Time of shift can range from 6am-9pm 7 days a week with a morning shift window of 7am-1pm and an afternoon shift window of 1pm-6pm. Each facility is visited twice a day, 7 days a week. 5 days on a shift.

2. Arrive at site at scheduled times. Enter building to disarm alarm and log into the timeclock.

3. Visually inspect interior rooms for any air, water or chemical leaks.

4. All self-service bays washed completely, including the walls and as far out in the front and rear as the hose will reach, all functions briefly tested in the bays for proper operation. Inspect roll up bay doors for damage and proper operation.

5. All trash containers on the property emptied using rolling trash cart and dumped into garbage dumpster. Trash containers and cart washed as necessary.

6. The entire property checked for trash and/or debris in parking areas.

7. Grass areas can be checked for debris and cleaned as necessary.

8. All vacuums and vacuum areas inspected for any damage or maintenance items required such as missing or damaged nozzles or hoses, as well as fragrance spray guns and carpet scrub brushes for being dirty or damaged.

9. All vending machines need to be filled and inspected for any damage or maintenance items required.

10. Inspect the automatic bay(s) teller station, washing equipment and bay interior for any damage. Clean face of teller units as needed. Clean up any debris in the bay(s).

11. Seasonal tasks such as snow removal and ice control around bays, vacuums and sidewalks, leaf removal on parking areas, etc. may require additional time per shift as directed by management.

12. Additional tasks that are to be completed inside the building periodically include sweeping, washing and mopping of floors, cleaning of sinks and toilets, cleaning of counters, and other items as directed.

13. Attendant may have to address customer services issues that may arise during their shift that includes customers unhappy with wash quality, loss of money, etc. Attendant is provided with directives as to how to handle situations and provide refunds.

14. Upon completion of duties, Attendant is responsible for logging out of timeclock, arming alarm system and locking door.

15. Generally these tasks take from 60-120 minutes per site depending on the size of the facility. You will be expected to report to 2-3 sites per shift.

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